Curry’s four books include Beating the Workplace Bully (AMACOM, 2016) and Solutions (2004 and 2006), both available on Business Experts Press has contracted with Curry for three additional books: Managing for Accountability; Navigating Conflict, and Reality-based Management.

Since 1981, Curry has written a popular weekly “dear Abby of the workplace” newspaper column for the Pulitzer-winning Anchorage Daily News and other newspaper, as well as written hundreds of features for magazines such as and U.S. News and World Reports.

Curry’s debut novel,, is in the hands of two publishers.

101 Words has published two of Curry’s short stories and the Alaska Spectrum has published two of Curry’s poems and one of her short stories.

Curry’s popular is accessed by more than three thousand visitors from seventy countries.

Trainer for Trainers

Curry trains trainers, and has won multiple “Trainer of the Year” awards from the American Society for Training and Development, Anchorage Chapter.

Expert Witness

Curry has served as an expert witness 22 times, ten times for the defense and twelve times for the plaintiff. Curry has testified at trial twice and has qualified at trial as an expert witness in Management Best Practices, HR and Workplace issues. Attorneys describe Curry as “exceptional” as an expert and report that juries connect with her. Curry has served as an expert in the areas of sexual harassment; retaliation; constructive discharge; employer response to an assault on an employee; workplace bullying; breach of employment contract; race and sex discrimination; review of an investigation; wrongful discharge; reduction in force; overtime; and management response and remedy to workplace issues.


Law firms and organizations retain Curry as a neutral, objective investigator. Curry has conducted more than nine thousand investigations into allegations of sexual harassment, workplace violence and workplace bullying. Curry also teaches investigators.

Executive Workplace & Life Coach

Since 1978, Curry has served thousands of individuals as an executive, workplace, career or life coach. .


Curry has conducted several thousand federal to state, business to business and employer to employee meditations. Curry teaches two-day courses on mediation.

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