Dr. Curry has authored five books Her debut novel is currently under review by 2 publishers. Here’s the story in one line: Jess discovers that the perfect man she’s met on an Internet dating site is a white-collar criminal—and that she’s his latest target.

Beating the Workplace Bully

Beating the Workplace Bully: a tactical guide to taking charge, AMACOM, This practical book gives you everything you need to know to outsmart bullies and stop them in their tracks. It’s achieved a 4.7 out of 5 star rating (61 raters).


  1. Do you need a solution or strategy? Solutions has 65 of Curry’s best articles from two decades of magazine and newspaper writing, with answers on topics such as remembering names and handling the workplace Ted Bundy,

Managing Equally and Legal

McFarland and Company, 1990

  • “I loved Lynne’s book. It was engaging and always made me want to turn the page. Lynne’s book touches the heart and soul by addressing the harsh realities of grave abuse, including domestic violence, workplace bullies, and online dating perils. An effortless read, you feel Jess’ plight and struggles of helping others while dealing with her own mistreatment. Curry takes you straight into the nucleus of the conflict with vigorous writing, often using comic relief to soften stark reality. The battles are genuine, the characters developed, the setting is beautiful. It’s a must-read for men and women alike. You won’t forget this ageless, timeless and limitless read.

Debbie Cutler, former Editor, Alaska Magazine; former Managing Editor, Alaska Business Magazine

” If only HR manager Jess could handle her personal life with the skill she displays in the office. Author Lynne Curry uses her extensive background in HR to create an authentic and compelling tale. The fast-paced dialogue and bursts of humor keep the pages turning to its satisfying conclusion.”

Tina Ferraro, author of Top Ten Uses for an Unworn Prom Dress

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